Collection: Forest Nymph Collection

Dive into enchantment with our Forest Nymph Collection, a woodland-inspired line of swimwear and protective rash guards designed for swimmers, snorkelers, mermaids, freedivers, and scuba divers.


Swim through the deep blue in style and comfort, all while invoking the mystical allure of butterflies and forest fairies.




Lightweight & Stretchy: Experience unparalleled freedom and flexibility in the water with our ultra-light and stretchy fabric. Perfectly contours to your body, supporting every graceful move.


Sun Protection: Safeguard your skin with our high-quality material that offers exceptional sun protection, allowing you to enjoy extended hours in the sun worry-free.


Durable Fabric: Built to withstand the rigors of both open water and pool environments, our durable material ensures longevity and consistent performance.


Multipurpose Use: Whether you’re exploring coral reefs, practicing underwater tricks, or simply soaking up the sun, our swimwear and rash guards can also be worn comfortably beneath wetsuits.


Collection Highlights:


  • Whimsical Design inspired by woodland butterflies and forest fairies.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made sustainably, our products are just as kind to the planet as they are to your skin.


Rediscover the magic of the underwater world with our Forest Nymph collection, where elegance and adventure meet.